A little bit of news

Firstly, chapter 28 is up and ready for readers over at www.arizonaafterwards.com – Have a look.  Moved beyond the halfway point last week, which is always nice.

Secondly, I’m up to page 135/262 on the YA novel, which is just past halfway there, too.  The end needs more work than the beginning, though, so the ratio of work done vs. work yet to be done will swing in the other direction.

Thirdly, got the Galleys for “Where We Go To Be Made Lighter” which will be included in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, which should be available soonish.

And, what are we up to, Fourthly, found out on Friday that my story “Letters of Love from the Once and Newly Dead”, which won last year’s Australian Horror Writers Short Story Contest has been selected for inclusion in the 2011 edition of Award Winning Australian Writng.  I’m really proud of this story, which (I think) looks at all this Zombie stuff from a different angle.  Chris, I say to myself, what would be more scary than a Zombie coming for you.  Well, I say back, what if they DON’T come for you.  How can I make that even more frightening?

Go here if you have a Kindle (or the Kindle app) and an extra $2.99 that you’d like to trade for this story and 13 others…

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