About the Captain

Born in the US, he met his (Australian) wife online and has lived in Australia for 12 years.  And yes, he still has an accent.  Christopher maintains a blog at christophergreen.wordpress.com and even tweets, if you care, under the name of Christopherlies.  That’s what he does, he lies. Well, through fiction, anyway…

Bibliography –

Letters of Love from the Once and Newly Dead – (Midnight Echo #5 2011) Winner AHWA Short Story Competition
Stitched – Shock Totem (2010)
Holding Hands – Fantastique Unfettered (2010)
Darkling – Fifty-Two Stitches (2010)
Linger – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #46 (2010) – Honorable Mention ‘Best Horror of the Year’ 2010 Anthology – Ellen Datlow
Where We Go to be Made Lighter – Midnight Echo #4 (2010) – Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror
Jumbuck – Aurealis #44 (2010) – Honorable Mention ‘Best Horror of the Year’ 2010 Anthology – Ellen Datlow
Stickman – Night Chills #1 (2010)
Darwin’s Daughter – The Tangled Bank (2010)
My Rough Cut – The Edge of Propinquity (2009)
Father’s Kill – Beneath Ceaseless Skies (2009) – Aurealis Award Winner – Fantasy
Reservations – Expanded Horizons (2009)
A Crazy Kind of Love – Nossa Morte (2009)
A Hundredth Name – Abyss & Apex (2009) – shortlisted for Aurealis Award – Science Fiction
Having Faith – Nossa Morte (2009) – shortlisted for Aurealis Award – Horror
Lakeside – Dreaming Again (2008) – shortlisted for Australian Shadows Award

Awards and Honours-

Aurealis Award – Best Fantasy Short Story (Father’s Kill) – 2009
Shortlisted for Australians Shadows Award – 2008
Graduated Clarion South – 2007

3 responses to “About the Captain

  • benfrancisco

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Captain Green! I like the scary flag…

  • T-dogg

    Hey Chris! I wanted to to email you from Mexico but I realised I don’t have a non-work email, so I googled you. Email me so I can reply! Miss you! And feel free to delete this comment, I don’t think it adds to your writer cred lol I just didn’t know how else to contact you. P.S. Mexico is awesome! From Teags

  • patricia yvonne

    where are you?

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