Other Ships and Captains

In a random order, these are people who mean the world to me


Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant – Not a Journal 

Ben Francisco – Bread & Magic 

Alessio Bresciani – Stories of the Future

JasoniJournal – A Map of Me

Peter M. Ball – Random Acts of Literary Vandalism

Daniel Braum – Dbraum’s Journal

J. J. Irwin – Things Deep and Shallow

Helen Venn – Imagine Me at Clarion South

Chris Lynch – Hermit City

Jessica Vivien – Scavenger’s Rights

Laura E. Goodin – A Motley Coat

Lee Battersby – The Battersblog

Lyn Battersby – Battblush

Margo Lanagan – Among Amid While

Michele Cashmore – Midnight Ramblings

Robert Hood – Undead Backbrain

Michael Greenhut – The Patternless Man’s Journal

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