Tales from the “Door”

So here I am at Scienceworks, rostered at the “Door” for the next hour or so.

Imagine a place you want to go. Now put a person in front of you who wants you to already have a ticket in order to get in there. That’s the Door, and it’s about a third of my day. It’s as close to First Contact as I’m ever going to get, probably, and customers often play their part in my culture clash/alien life scenarios.

Encounter 1

Them: Do we need a ticket to come in here?

I: Yes you do.

Them: Is it this one? (Proceeds to show me the ticket that EVERY visitor gets upon general entry to the museum)

I: I’m sorry sir, that’s not the one. (Unspoken: Why would they pay me to take a ticket from you that everyone gets at a desk that is nine steps away from me? Why is it not clear that I am sitting here as a visual clue that SOME people will not be allowed access to this space?)

Encounter 2

Them: Is that an iPad?

I: Yes it is.

Them: Can I have it?

I: Has that ever worked on anyone before? And no.

Encounter 3

Them: Is this where the dinosaurs are?

I: (shouting over the roar of a 1/4 scale Apatosaurus that is plainly visible behind me) Yes.

Them: (Cupping their hand to their ear.) I’m sorry?

I: (Pointing at the beast and speaking louder still) The dinosaurs are in there, yes!

Them: Oh. Well we were looking for the Planetarium. (Wanders off…)

One response to “Tales from the “Door”

  • Amanda Spedding

    I love reading about your encounters, Chris. When I, one day, get down to Melbourne, you know I’m going to follow you around at work asking inane questions until you explode.

    I’m sorry, I don’t accept ‘the finger’ as your response. 😀


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