So, I have some words left over, and here they are…

Not many, mind you. The radio silence on the blog has been because, on the 22nd of April, my wife gave me an early anniversary present. Usually, because I have a tendency to A) overspend and B) not have a good knowledge of what things are worth, she and I sit down a little before the actual date and hash out a budget.

Well, that didn’t happen this year, because she bought me an iPad2 and blew the budget out of the water. With no money for me to get her anything, I gave her an iPad1 for our anniversary. 🙂

So, on the 23rd of April, I decided to use every spare moment at work, or waiting outside a train station for Susie to arrive, or time that would otherwise be gobbled up by Warcraft or Angry Birds or whatever to write a novella.

And I did. Finished the second draft of it about ten minutes ago, and it’s sitting pretty nicely at around 32,000 words. Soon, I’ll send it to some people to read, then a redraft and then we’ll see what happens next!

So, that’s me. What’s everybody else been doing while I’ve been slaving over an iPad?

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