Lessons from 13 weeks of Zombies

Arizona Afterwards, my online Zombie novel, has been going for 13 weeks.  In honor of the moment, here are the 13 most important things I’ve learned since Chapter 1.

13.  WordPress is good for a lot of things.  Heaps, I’d say, but God help you if you want it to do something it might not be “meant” to do, because then you find yourself lost amidst an ocean widgets and addons and poorly worded forum advice.

12.  Visitors to a blog will wax and wane.  For some reason, Tuesday (Monday in the States) is the most popular day for people to read AA.  Dunno why…  Maybe work’s not as much fun as me?

11.  The Walking Dead is a good thing to watch a couple of times, even though I think they’ve got some work to do to come close to the graphic novel.  The CDC?  Really?  Sigh.  Test Subject 19 turns out to be the person every viewer guessed it was once the sob story started?  Double sigh.

10.  The Pumping Station is STILL a good place to write ~2,000 words in an hour.  Thank you, customers who never walk across the field to the red brick building!

9.  Returning to work isn’t all that bad, mainly because of the aforementioned Pumping Station.  🙂

8.  When writing a Zombie novel and trying to break a bunch of rules, the phrase “My Elves are Different” will echo around in your head for a really long time.  Maybe forever.

7.  Saturday night’s alright for fighting (at least in 2011)

6.  Planning is important.  As much as I once disliked outlines, firmly believing that things should evolve “organically”, I have since discovered that most of MY stories longer than, say, 6,000 words, organically want to be a big pile of crap.

5.  The twitter name ZombieNovelist wasn’t taken.  It is now.  🙂

4.  The head of the Old Trails Museum of Winslow, Arizona gets a little antsy when you email her a bunch of research questions about their bank vault.

3.  However, once she discovers it’s for a Zombie novel, she was more than happy to help (and very informative)!  Thanks, Ann-Mary!

2.  Having a deadline that rears its ugly head week after week is a very good thing.  A Novel every year is a very do-able thing, and a hell of a lot of fun besides.

1.  My wife is awesome.  She edits, she web-site-administrates, she slices and dices.


One response to “Lessons from 13 weeks of Zombies

  • Thoraiya

    I promise, the very next time I sell a story, I’ll get myself a big stack of dead tree plus a toner cartrige and make me a 13-chapter Chris Green half zombie novel 😀

    And thanks for the heads-up about the “breaking into a bank vault” research. I do actually need to contact the Spirit of Tasmania and find out how easy to would be to steal a lifeboat and steer it to Antarctica. You’re saying I should take the fiction writer and not the potential passenger approach?!

    P.S. Spouses rock

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