Word limits and the limit of words

So, the best thing about being an author?  Easy.  When you’re finished, there are people and places and conversations, loves and hurts and all the rest that didn’t exist until you made them exist.

The worst?  For me, it’s the nagging feeling that I only get a certain amount of words a day.  I can pour out the word count for a day, two days, three days, four – but the inevitable lull, that fallow, restful period that feels like such a needful thing comes calling eventually and demands its place as well.  Which is fine.  I get good ideas when I’m not writing, and life’s still pretty good.

It does mean that blog posts feel like they burn some of the words available to me, which is why when I’m involved in something this poor old blog gets ignored.  Alas.

Also, Chapter 10 is up at Arizona Afterwards and that’s much more interesting than this.  Hopefully…


2 responses to “Word limits and the limit of words

  • Thoraiya

    Mmm, I agree. Some say you can’t be a real writer without setting daily word count goals. Maybe everyone CAN write every day, but can they write stuff worth keeping every day?

  • christophergreen

    Indeed. I think that actually putting one word after another is the easisest part of writing. Monkeys can do it, with all those typewriters we’re always loading them down with. But are they the correct words? Are they the perfect words? That takes skill and luck and, for me, breathing space.

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