Chapter 8 and the things we’d do

There are a bunch of things that fascinate me about a hypothetical Zombie Apocalypse.  There are also a bunch of these that frustrate me when I read/watch someone’s particular take on it.  When I’m writing Arizona Afterwards, I’m very much aware of those little niggles, which makes me try to do my best not to fall in the same pitfalls.  Can we really, as readers and viewers, believe in a world where the inhabitants are unaware of what to do when the Zombies come?  I can’t.  If I have to sit through one more long-winded and painful scene where somebody shoots one and it gets back up and grabs them because we haven’t gotten to the Zombie = go for the head scene yet I’m going to get annoyed.

No.  Zombie = Headshot, bottom line.  The cool stuff happens when your characters assume they know exactly what they’re dealing with and exactly how to handle.  Because maybe, just maybe, they’re wrong…

Oh yeah, Chapter 8 is up…  Head on over to Arizona Afterwards and have a read!


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