Chapter 2 now Online

Yep.  Chapter 2 of my ongoing novel Arizona Afterwards is up.  That’s 2,393 words of building up to eating your face off goodness, if you ask me.  Goodness, I say!  So, if that sounds like your thing, feel free to run like hell over to to see what there is to see.  It’s hot in Winslow, but that won’t save you…


7 responses to “Chapter 2 now Online

  • Jess

    The RSS feed isn’t working for me (I’m using Google feed reader) – it only shows the post “Welcome to Arizona”, and none of the chapters.

    That aside, enjoying the story so far :).

  • christophergreen

    Thanks Jess. Chris (the other one) pointed this out to me as well. Right now, I think the issue is that I’m putting up new Chapters as “Pages” and the feed will only, well, feed you new “Posts, so I’ll have to play with a few different ways to make new chapters as Posts without making the layout wonky…

    Thanks for reading along, despite all of this! 🙂

  • Jess

    Hm. Maybe do a short post linking to the new content, a la this post (but with a direct link to the chapter)?

  • Thoraiya

    ARGH can’t you make a print version for lulu, I HATE reading on my computer!


    I may just wait til its finished and print it out 😉

  • christophergreen

    Hmmm. Been thinking about a couple of different ways to distribute it. Give me a week or so and I should be able to make you grumble less. 🙂

  • Robin

    Hey Chris – I am looking forward to the next installment – loving that we can read it as you write!

  • christophergreen

    Hi Robin! Thanks for reading along. It means the world to know that there are people out there reading along. It’s turning out to be a lot of fun to make a (fictional) world fall apart. 🙂

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