Arizona Afterwards

That’s it.  That’s the new online novel’s name.  Commence the bickering over the spelling of Afterward(s) and the inevitable gnashing of teeth as to the appropriate use in the UK, the Lower 48, or Tahiti.  🙂  Anyway, starting on the 1st of January, will have a new chapter posted every weekend throughout 2011.  Huzzah!


6 responses to “Arizona Afterwards

  • Chris

    Awesome. I wondered why I didn’t know this, until I read that you didn’t know either. 😛

    Just posted a comment over there, illegally. Seems the natural place to post, but if not better turn off comments…

  • christophergreen

    Yes, I’ve debated comments for some time. I guess if I’m going to write this week by week I shouldn’t be afraid of hearing what a few people think of it now and then, so I’ve decided to leave them on. They’re moderated, right now, but if that becomes a hassle I’ll just have them go live right away.

    We’ll see. Should be fun. 🙂

  • Chris

    Oh good. I think not having comments would be shying away from one of the advantages of the medium–encouraging close reading and discussion in the margins of the page. Will hopefully spark some interesting comment threads.

  • christophergreen

    Agreed. I figure I’ll embrace the medium until it bites me in the ass. 🙂

  • christophergreen

    🙂 Cool, huh?

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