A summary of every ghost show ever…

Joe : Okay, Mr. Ghost, we’re here.  Do you want to talk to us?
Ghost : “…”
Sara : “We mean you no harm.  If you’re in this room with us, please make a noise.”
Ghost: “…”
Joe : (Getting angry, now) “You’re wasting our time!”
Ghost : “Mumble whisper mumble.
Joe and Sara : “Oh my God, did you hear that, holy crap, what was that, was that you, oh my Lord, what was that?”
Joe : “Do it again!”
Ghost : “Mumble.”
Joe : “What was it that time?  Did you hear that Sara?”
Sara bursts into tears and flees the room.

Insert grainy infrared camera shots, suspenseful music and that anime samurai sword slicing through the air noise liberally and sell to the Discovery Channel…


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