December = Research


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  • Thoraiya

    Me too.

    Because finishing one and letting it sit means getting on with the next one 🙂

  • christophergreen

    Agreed. Crits are due on the first novel in a week or two, and Stickman and I need some time apart. I don’t think we’re breaking up, or anything, but I’m certainly going to be seeing other stories…

    Whatcha researchin’? (Unless it’s a secret…)

  • Thoraiya

    I am researching how to have a hidden continent in the middle of the Great Southern Ocean without wrecking that current that goes around and around Antarctica and causing global warming ages before we actually managed it with carbon pollution.

    I was so desperate this afternoon that I started toying with the idea of giant space worms came down and ate tunnels through the bedrock so that the current could go through it.

    My husband promptly forbade any such space worms.

    Just shoot me now.

    What are you researching?

  • christophergreen

    Wow. That’s a doozy. Short of space worms, the only things that come to mind are some combination of a top heavy continent that has a more pillar-like foundation (which’d let the current go under) or magic. Can they just have magic/float/giant turbines that recreate the flow they’re blocking? 🙂

    I’m researching America’s West just after the Civil War. Gonna right some Jayhawk vs. Bushwacker stuff, though I’ll have a couple of competing magic systems thrown in for good measure. In theory…

  • Thoraiya

    That’s cool. I’m very interested in how magic systems reflect a culture and its needs and wants.

    I didn’t want to have magic is the problem with having magic. But I may have to face the fact that I either have magic or a machine that diverts ocean currents through parallel universes. Which is magic, right? Whether I call it magic or a parallel universe, it’s still going to be fantasy unless I can brainstorm a way to do it with actual science.


  • christophergreen

    Well, as I’m sure you’ve realized, you’ve painted yourself into a corner, as what you are essentially wanting is a solid object that doesn’t behave like a solid object. 😦

    Can you go the conspiracy/we-were-wrong route, and have what we believe to be an empty ocean with a “known” current actually be a combination of 2 (or more) currents going around your continent?

    How are you dodging satellite photography not spoiling you secretness?

    As to the magic stuff, yes, I agree. I’m a firm believer (fictionally speaking) that magic is a combination of belief and intent, and it’s been fun to pit Native American magic against the flair of the South and the exactitude of the North.

  • Thoraiya

    Yeah I could do that with the 2 currents! That would definitely solve one problem.

    Leaving me only with the problem of what to do with research ships that wander into that part of the ocean and their really inconvenient ocean floor drilling surveys.

    Satellites I was going to deal with via hologram.

    It’s still not impossible. I can make this science fiction. I can!

    So. Cough up with the ideas for the research ship problem 😀

  • christophergreen

    This is fun! 🙂

    Okay, Research ships, huh?

    1. A member or member of your secret continent has A) hacked the system or B) paid off a crew member to give false “nothing here” info to the system (computers, captain, whatever). Better yet, if that area of the ocean was ALREADY mapped thoroughly and found to be dull dull dull, I think a lot of those ships would leave it alone. Prior mapping done by methods listed above, of course. Alternatives are No Go Zones due to dangerous readings, Electro-Magnetic interference, whale breeding grounds, etc.

    2. Pirates. Just put out the word (with a few well-timed scripted or non-scripted events) that foreign ships have a habit of getting looted and scuttled.

    3. Set up a company that already owns the rights to the area, therefore survey ships aren’t interested, as they won’t map what they can’t have.

    4. Depending on it’s location, it may luck out and fall into one of the area where such ships are ALREADY not supposed to go. There are a lot of them, I think, though some are small and not all are respected.

    Granted, lots of these ideas (and most of the other ones I have) work best if your continent has agents on the outside. Do they.

    This might help you stay out of some areas and this is more what I was thinking when I meant satellites


  • Thoraiya

    You know what, I didn’t even consider having outside agents because I am a multiple viewpoints ho and I thought I’d try and control myself this time and stick with just the one protag.

    But what the hell, you’ve sent my brain down some very interesting corridors and now I MUST HAVE OUTSIDER HAX (especially since the rift between Australia and Antarctica is exactly where I want my continent and it is resource-rich, just like in the Arctic article)! Therefore I must have multiple viewpoints which is just the way I like it MUAHAHA! This is going to be GREAT!

    So. Volunteer readers for the first draft, expected in May 2011, should apply at the above email address (which I assume you as the admin can view) and should you need extra test readers for your Civil War stuff (which I know nothing about except for Gone With The Wind, so I’d be a useless fact checker but I am good on other consistency stuff) do think of me.

    On one final note, how late did you stay up last night?? Or are you in the US just now??

  • christophergreen

    Awesome. All this stuff we’ve talked about sounds like it’ll kick some serious ass. I’d love to read this and anything else you’re working on, but May feels like a long way away. Hurry up and write! 🙂 (Consider my application on the way 🙂 )

    I was up until 2 am (ish).

  • Thoraiya

    Haha, I want to hurry up and write, but I do have a whole continent worth of flora and fauna to evolve first *flexes fingers*

  • christophergreen

    Finished yet? Me wants ta read yer book now…

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