Incoming rant…

So, here’s where we stand:

If you’re gay, your life still isn’t good enough to lay down for the protection of the United States.  Or it is, as long as you shut about it.

It has been revealed that UK pathologists and coroners have spent the last 40 years secretly removing the organs of men and women who worked with nuclear energy and stuffing the remains with bits and pieces, including using broom sticks to replace the bones removed from workers who had died of leukemia.

Sarah Palin, the high priestess of Morons who couldn’t find their ass in the dark with both hands, has her own reality TV show.

If you want to fly in the US you have to let them either A) see or B) fondle those parts of yourself we once, naively, called “private”.  These scanners can’t even find objects hidden internally.

A school kid, tired of his Mountain Dew getting stolen every day, drank the Mountain Dew and peed in the bottle, which the bully unwittingly later enjoyed.  Now, the bully’s parents are suing the other kid…  Surely you have a right to pee in a bottle, yeah?

And the name calling.  My God, shut up.  Just because you don’t like something it’s Fascist or Socialist or Communist or was something that Hitler would have done.  Shut up.  Jesus, if we can’t talk about actual issues without sniping lame comments back and forth, what’s the point?  And if I hear one more person who wants me to listen to them because, if whatever they’re droning on about needs to happen “or the terrorists win” I’m gong to scream.  Shut up.  Seriously, the only thing that doesn’t make me mad about the things I listed is Sarah Palin’s show.  Cool.  That’s fine.  Go nuts.  Just don’t start calling people Hitler (and try to quit it with the Mama Grizzly stuff, because that’s just stupid.  You’re not a grizzly.  Stop insulting them by thinking you are.)

There is no way that the people who created the United States of America would have condoned the use of torture, allowed Wall Street “professionals” to legally bet against their own clients, etc. etc. etc.  There is no way that Franklin, Hamilton, Madison or any of the others would have allowed their own liberties to be trampled, let alone the liberties of others.

So, go ahead.  Torture.  Wire-tap.  Drop some bombs.  Have an investigation into leaks that show military lies that is A THOUSAND TIMES more fervent than the one that was undertaken before we opened up a war on multiple fronts.  Shout your sound bytes and tell yourselves that the world is safer when everyone has a gun and that some people are more deserving of health and happiness and marriage and jobs and citizenship than others.

Keep telling yourself that.  Let me know how it goes for you.


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