So, NaNoWriMo day 1…

So, day one on the new novel, and I cranked out 2,326 words.  As always, when I start these things, coming from the spiritual home of short stories, I am struck by the freedom a novel allows you.  Freedom to do what, though?  I can’t help but think that, while novels allow you to explore characters and get into their headspace, etc, what that boils down to is that FOR MUCH OF THE TIME THERE IS NOT A LOT “GOING ON”.   David, my protaganist, wakes up, checks on the baby and has a conversation with his older son.  It’s cold, too cold, and so he checks the furnace.  Yes, there’s all the characterization and backstory and what-have-you but I have to resist the urge to drop in something freaky, right on page three.  You have time, I tell myself.  Relax.

Anyway, day one went smoothly!


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