Chapter 19

I’m reaching the point where “chapters” were simply obligatory scenes, but anyway…

Chapter 19 was 520 words (I know, Iknow…) and is now 1,025


4 responses to “Chapter 19

  • Thoraiya

    You are on the Writing Freeway!

    And I am on the Writing Bicycle Track Covered In Fallen Trees.

    You know how you are not supposed to stop writing while you wait for a response to a submission?


    Yeah. So I am cutting out shadow puppets.

    Please continue on your incredible word-slaying journey! It might help me to set some kind of writing goal for this evening. Like, three sentences. Surely I can manage three?

  • christophergreen

    These last 7 or 8 chapters are going to be a grind, as I’ve left a lot out that I knew had to happen just to push through to the “end”, the first time around.

    May I suggest a goal, dear Thoraiya? Three paragraphs about shadow puppets. Go!

  • Thoraiya

    You sure know how to scare a girl away from your blog… three PARAGRAPHS??!

    OK. Repeat three times. “I am professional. There is no such thing as writer’s block.”

    Here goes nothing…

  • christophergreen

    Awesome! Let me know how you go…

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