In other news…

So, there I was, writing away, trying to decide if I’d been sitting in the damn chair for long enough to justify a switch to the laptop and the couch.  Sitting on my ass isn’t hard work, I guess, but it sure can hurt the back and neck.  Then my chair broke beneath me.  I won’t admit to falling out of it, although there was a healthy string of cursing followed by a bit of limping around.  So, need a new chair.  That’s fine.  Costco has some nice ones, if I’m willing to bite the bullet on price.  Also have to buy Word 2010 from there before the end of October (and the end of beta), because I do so loves the new changes they’ve made.  When I’m there, aside from doing the usual stocking up on dehydrated mashed potatoes (shut up, they rock!) and other post-apocalyptic foodstuffs, I’ll try to buy one of those floor protector plastic things for beneath the chair.  My dad’s often had those in his home offices and nothing makes me feel more professional than sliding into a desk and bashing away the a keyboard (although, I think back in those days I was bashing away on his automatic calculator…)


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