Chapter 1 is done… again…

Yep, now that my reader’s gotten back to me and I know what to fix and what to tweak, the YA novel’s going through its second draft.  Chapter 1 was 3,660 words and is now 4,875, which I am counting as a Very Good Thing!  Time for bed!


5 responses to “Chapter 1 is done… again…

  • Thoraiya

    Glad the work on the novel is going well.

    I almost choked on my cuppa when I started reading Aurealis #44 this morning and saw you had a story called “Jumbuck.”

    That novel I was drafting, at the same time as you were drafting yours? It’s called “Waltzing Mathilda.” I thought: He better not be writing it from the POV of the jumbuck, because that’s MY idea!

    Well. I really enjoyed “Jumbuck.” Without spoiling it for anyone, I can safely say that it’s nothing like the story that I came up with.

    So everyone go and buy Aurealis #44!

    Now to read your story in ASIM #46. Watch out or you are going to win the Whack-A-Mole title off Simon Petrie for popping up everywhere 😉


  • christophergreen

    Very, very glad you liked “Jumbuck”! Only-a-resident-of-this-fine-land me was a bit worried about taking on something so close to culture.

    I think there’s something in the water. Sounds like Rob Hood’s got a zombie novella out later this year called “Wasting Matilda”. Can’t wait to read it, and can’t wait to read “Waltzing Mathilda”. How far into the drafting process are you?

  • simonpetrie

    Chris? You’re welcome to the (ouch) Whack-a-Mole title, if you want it … just make sure your cranium is well protected. Thoraiya has a mean mallet swing.

    Oh, and nice work on ‘Linger’, btw.

  • Thoraiya

    AHAHahahaha Wasting Mathilda. Awesome.

    As for Waltzing Mathilda, I finished the third draft and lobbed it off to Tor. Now I don’t have to think about it any more for about a year.

    *starts doing research and character outlines for the next one*

    I fricken hate character outlines. If only character development was fun and easy. Like plotting.

    Oh, look! A Petrie popped up on your blog! Let me take care of that for you.


  • christophergreen

    I like playing with the characters, but I must admit to disliking character outlines. I just put them in a roomo with each other and make them want different things and see what happens from there. Not a good way to move the plot forward, mind you…

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