Dear people who live in Australia

America has free refills and unlimited, fast, cheap internet plans.  Please don’t let something as simple as addressing these issues make you lose out to the US in the upcoming Intergalactic Best Country on Earth Awards, held January 6th every 29th Centaurian year.  get with the program and stop letting Coke and Telstra rip us off!

But, if you do have a decent download limit and you live in Australia, spend $55 American dollars and get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that the US servers will think you’re in the US of A.  Then you can get Netflix (lots and lots of movies streamed to your computer or, hook your flatscreen up and stream it to your TV) for $8 a month and Pandora radio for free, so you can listen to lots and lots of music and some artists you may not have heard on the 3 or 4 stations that don’t just play Cold Chisel or the Seekers…

That is all.


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