Also, I’m in some magazines

Worldcon released some magazines into the world, and two of them have me in them.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (c’mon, that’s the coolest name ever, right?) Issue 46 (the one with Andrew J. McKiernan’s” Zonbieroo” on the cover, you can’t miss it) has a story of mine entitled “Linger”, which the editor Mark Farrugia says “warped me into a future that challenged the concepts of death, grief, and portable harddrives.”

and Aurealis #44, edited by Stuart Mayne has a story of mine called “Jumbuck”, in which I do my best to tell a VERY familiar Australian story (perhaps the most familiar, after the dude in the Chinese sub…) from a new point of view.

If you haven’t subscribed to these magazines, you probably should.  If you have, hope you like the stories!  I’ve got a lot of friends to share the Table of Contents with, in these two, which makes it all the more special.


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