Worldcon notes – Making a living – Professional writing for spec fic authors

Another very good one.  Cory Doctorow, John Scalzi, George Ivanoff and Jennifer Fallon

writing related income – multiple revenue streams

being a writer overarches genre, getting paid for writing is the keystone

entrepreneurial freelancer – gun for hire, diversification has been outsourced

increasing job security – savings, attention to tax, attention to mundane details

corporate writing may not be the evil you think

use creative downtime to make money, freelance

can allow a detached eye for your own fiction

prostitute vs. cheap whore 🙂

keep sourcing income streams, keep ABN, schedule and plan

meet deadlines, follow a brief and do not be precious about your work, and the work will keep coming

don’t be an asshole

reputation economy, winners win, jobs arrive

publishers aren’t going anywhere, but fifty percent of that field may not make the jump

service jobs get cheaper slower than manufacturing – cost disease

legwork becomes paradoxically more expensive

social contract media – SF

Doctorow: “am i talking too long?” Scalzi :”yeah.”  🙂

nothing stopping anyone from doing anything

internet work search, work begets work

write a letter to them and tell them what you can do

there is no shame in the day job

write in short bursts


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