Worldcon notes – The Imaginary Zoo – creating fictional wildlife

Russell Kirkpatrick, Elisabeth Malartre, Dave Freer

after only 2 hours of previous panels, my notes have grown more stream of consciousness.  Portrait of the artist as a dude sitting on his ass taking notes, perhaps?  Anyway…

biology is the great provider – go forth and steal

motile and sessile – mobile vs. non-mobile

how do you see the world if you see it from five eyes, or only from one? etc.

what’s your favorite animal and why? somebody says the awesome sentence of “at the moment I’m really into jumping spiders…” and of course, as we’re all nerds or writer geeks, let the favourite animal one-up-manship begin!

check out the invertebrates for ideas

poor work suffers from binaries – does this carry over into other areas?

woman doing dragon embroidery a row ahead of me

what is wildlife, and how is it defined?

wow, a lot of people are here to talk out loud about their own unpublished stories…

and, we’ve stopped talking about animals

but there’s a guy in a mohawk and spotted hair who holds his girlfriend. She looks on as he strokes the neck of the girl in the row ahead them…

new zealand = no native mammals?

okay, now we’re script doctoring for random people…

I learned a lot from this one too, not so much about biology or actually physiology, but that environment begets function and functions begets perspective.  If you truly do “see” the world through pheromone trails, how would that change your perspective?  How would you act, and what would lengths would you go to keep that world spinning?  Good fodder.


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