I am not making this up…

So, I’m at Costco, and a lady walks past me.  She’s holding a paper cup full of something and asking her son (who’s about 17) if he wants some juice.  “What kind of juice is it?” he asks, which I think is a reasonable question.  A troubled look crosses her face.  “Pomma,” she says, clearly trying to form a thought.  “Pomer…  Pomeranian.  It’s Pomeranian juice.”  She takes a little sip and smiles.  “Pomeranian juice.”

So, you know me, I’m intrigued.  I wander past the moron and her son and find a little cart giving out free samples.  Samples of pomegranate juice…  Not a dog in sight.


2 responses to “I am not making this up…

  • Thoraiya


    I wish more Aussies knew what pomegranates are (vendors sell it on street corners in Lebanon and Syria), they are so YUM, and why should I have to buy Californian ones in evil-greenhouse desperation.

    Then again, I get a kind of perverse satisfaction from checkout chicks who don’t ask me what it is and just put it through as an apple or a pear.

    Same goes for when they put my pomelo through as a grapefruit or my quince through as a custard apple.

    Of you don’t stop to ask me, “is this a guava?” ($19.95/kg) then go ahead, bill me for a nashi ($2.99/kg) and see if I care.


  • christophergreen

    Eating/drinking pomegranates always makes me feel like I’m walking through a Greek Myth. 🙂

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