Tuesday and 3:00 parades…

Yep, that’s the one that follows Monday.  They may drive on the other side of the road, here, but the days go in the same order.  At least they do so far.  A dear friend of mine recently broached the subject of the “3:00 parade question” with me, wherein a person standing on the footpath at Disneyland asks a Disneyland Cast Member when the 3:00 parade begins.  Her theory is that what the person is REALLY asking is “Is this a good spot to view the 3:00 parade from?”, whereas my theory is that the person is REALLY saying “Life’s too hard, please hold my hand and make any and all decisions for me.”

But yes, I see her point.  I shall endeavo(u)r to find the 3:00 parade for someone today.  God help me, though, they’ll be asking at 4:00…


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