Do words matter?

I think they do.  Desperately.  I’m biased, of course, but so what?  If you don’t care about something enough to form a bias, I really don’t give a damn about your opinion on it…

I sell tickets to a line of people that extends out the door.  They ask me questions and I answer them, and then they ask me another question that my first answer has either already answered or made irrelevant.  They aren’t taking in information.  It just isn’t getting in there.  They’re holding a map and asking for a map, they’re pointing at stairs and asking how to go up them.  They’re eating beneath a sign that asks them not to eat.



One response to “Do words matter?

  • Jess

    Talking on mobiles next to a sign that says this level is a quiet zone… I never know if it’s information overload or if they just don’t care. On the plus side, they’re probably not trying to *deliberately* irritate you :).

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