Alright, so I admit, when I blog in the few minutes I have before work when there are probably other things I “should” be doing, the result is very much less than clear. Allow me to clarify. Gardner Dozois, who is as close to a SF God as this mere mortal has come across, is a writer and editor. He editted Asimov’s for something like 300 years, from back when SF was really just “one day we’ll have pipes that carry water to our house” onward. Every year he puts out a best of Science Fiction anthology, wherein he publishes the cream of the crop and gives Honorable Mentions to those others he enjoyed along the way. He wrote my name. That’s what I meant, a couple of days ago… I forget sometimes, that there are people who read this blog who don’t also hear the voices in my head, so I am frequently vague. Sorry… 🙂


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