So, I’m back (literally and figuratively)

Trip was great.  Work is fine.  More on all that later.  I just wanted to apologise for the radio silence, and mention in an offhand, casual, do-what-you-will-with-it kind of way that I am thrilled thrilled thrilled to have won the Australian Horror Writers Association Short Story Competition this year with my story “Letters of Love from the Once and Newly Dead”.  Awesome.  I get a plaque (and the story will get published in Midnight Echo) and everything!  Go me!

Jason Fischer, that writer of words that cling to the brain once read, won the Flash Fiction portion.  Go him!  He’s most deserving, as always, and he’s trying his damnedest to leave no awards left for the rest of us…

This is the part where I copy and paste from the website.  Watch…  Congratulations to all, and well done to Aaron Ashley Garrison for getting an Honourable Mention in both categories!



Letters of Love from the Once and Newly Dead, by Christopher Green

 Honourable Mentions

The Briefcase, by Aaron Ashley Garrison
Rota Fortunae, by Felicity Dowker



Goggy, by Jason Fischer

 Honourable Mentions

Down Cellar, by Aaron Ashley Garrison
2109, by Eugene Gramelis


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