Things to look forward to

So, life’s good. I’ll be going to the States for a couple weeks for my brother’s wedding, then coming back to Melbourne and attending WorldCon (my first con ever!) where I’ll get to catch up with a large number of Clarionites I haven’t seen for a while and do the writer-geek thing. Also, this just in, my leave got approved… Yes, just to prove to the world that me working at the museum for 7 years hasn’t (only) been some sort of twisted social experiment, I have long-service leave now and, thanks to my ever-budgeting, ever-understanding, ever-green (get it?) wife I’ve been able to take the leave at 1/2 pay. That means, once I put the long-service leave in with my other leave, I’ll have 7 months off starting on the 31st of August.

And the words, oh how they shall fly! I’ve got a haunted house novella to fix up, a Ya novel to second draft, the long talked about much angsted over Zombie thing to write, and another fanatay thing that’s been kicking around in my head to write. With a little determination and a lot of router hiding, that means, less than a year from now, I should be shopping 3 or 4 novels around. Who knows, maybe I’ll even write something for the iBook store and see how that platform goes…

Exciting. 7 months of 2 minute noodles will be well worth it.


5 responses to “Things to look forward to

  • Thoraiya

    2 minute noodles, a taste sensation!

    Enjoy your writing holiday. It will go far too quickly šŸ™‚

  • christophergreen

    I shall. I’m certainly looking forward to it, that’s for sure!

  • Thoraiya

    (Oh, I forgot. Indomie brand mi goreng is so much better than 2 minute noodles. And onion-flavoured Deb is way better than plain Deb :D)

  • Jason Fischer

    Rock on, good luck and hope it all goes well. And be warned, avoid the 2-minute glass noodles – they look and taste wrong.

  • christophergreen

    Jason – Yeah, read that in your blog. Consider me frightened enough not to try ’em! šŸ™‚

    Thoraiya – Taste Sensation! Ha! Sorry, that’s made me laugh a couple of times, now, but I hadn’t gotten back here to let you know… Love it!

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