Dear World,

I’d like to try and keep up with all the awesome spec fic that’s being published, both short and long.  Most of it comes from a land other than the one I live in.  I have an iPad, 2 or 3 laptops, a couple of PCs and a mailbox that leaks when it rains.  Please do the math, world, and hurry the hell up.  Let the publishers of the world make electronic versions of their magazines for me to subscribe to, so the issue can arrive quickly, cheaply, and with a minimum amount of precious resources wasted.

Also, may the people that own children clearly too small to be going down the stairs on their own but who always happen to be letting them anyway whenever I’m try to go up or down the stairs behind them please wake up to themselves and get their kid out of my way.  I only get half an hour for lunch, and it isn’t cute anymore.  Actually, it never was.




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