Rejection #6 – the story so far

Rejection # 6 arrived, and I thought I’d list my three goals for this year, for those of you tuning in late:

A.  Attempt (again) to get 100 rejections in a year.  The only change I’ll make (aside from giving myself 12 months instead of 10 to complete it) is that at least 15% of the rejections must be via snail mail.  (Some of the biggest and “best” magazines don’t accept electronic submissions, and lazy ol’ me has been pretty much ignoring them.  No longer.

B.  Find an idea that interests me for 80,000 words or more.

C.  Write it.

So far, all 6 of my rejections have been electronic, and I haven’t sent out any snail mail subs.  What can I say, entropy rules, you know?  I’ve found an idea that interests me for 80,000 words (or thereabouts) and I’m 45,000/80,000 words toward completing that goal.  So, I’ve written a lot more words this year then I did in all of last yeat, so that’s something…


4 responses to “Rejection #6 – the story so far

  • Peter M Ball

    The obvious solution here would be to send the rejected story to a snail-mail market next.

  • christophergreen

    Curse you and your obvious solution!

  • Thoraiya

    What about markets that take 6 months to respond compared to markets that take 2 days ? Or markets that have an awesome finished product that you can place lovingly on a shelf compared to ones that pay better or which you like better but are ezines?

    Just curious because I can’t get over the print magazine temptation. And I’ve gotten much worse at waiting for the 6 month responses ever since some of them started having much faster turnarounds. I find a long response time more offputting than refusal to accept electronic submissions!

  • christophergreen

    Thoraiya, I think I’ll collect my thoughts on this and arrange a blog post, if only so I know what my own values are. 🙂

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