On the beach…

I’ve seen the movie before, but never the original until now.  It’s cool hearing Point Lonsdale and Williamstown bandied about, and such, but the more I watched it the more I couldn’t get over what follows:  It’s 1964, most of the world’s been nuked, the scientists say the fallout will reach Australia in 5(ish) months.  And yet the train stations aren’t at all crowded, and the trains they’re using are much cleaner and seem to run much smoother than they do now.  Hell, the train from where I live to where I work has carriages that make me think of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, with a little hallway down one side of the train and compartments (that don’t have any airconditioning) branching off.  It sucks.

I also notice that when the trams and trains in the movie start or stop, they don’t lurch into or out of motion.  Nobody in this dark future has to worry about getting flung about on the way to work, at least.

And no, I’m not taking the train.  I’m just saying… (although my wife says that whenever I say ‘I’m just saying’ I’m really not just saying.  Apparently, I never ‘just say’ anything.  🙂 )


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