Chapter 11 is done.


3 responses to “11

  • Thoraiya

    I hope you are writing, like, 1500-word chapters. Otherwise that is just sickeningly productive. Why aren’t you here on your blog wasting time whining about how much you Suffer For Your Art???

    *grumbles all the way back to her own unfinished Chapter 11*


  • christophergreen

    I’m pretty sure the shortest chapter is something like 2,500ish words at the moment. It’s all first draft, mind you, and I’ve got plans to expand what’s already written. I’ve never written a “novel” before, so I’m just happy to throw down the skeleton and lay the flesh on next draft. Even though I’m up to chapter 13 now, I’d like the final draft to only have 20 chapters (it’ll work in with the title, ya see) so some of these chapters will be combined, anyway…

  • Thoraiya

    Damn, I was coming back here to say, “HA! I finished MY Chapter 11, too!”

    But you’ve finished 12, now.

    Also, obviously I’m not as tricky as you. I have an unpublished manuscript out there called “The Forty Thieves.”

    Forty chapters, why didn’t I think of it???

    OK, so now I have to go and finish 12. And beat you to 13…

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