Do any other writers think along these lines?

Whenever I watch those shows about jails or death row or whatever, all I can think is “Wow, dude, they have a ton of free time.  I could write, like, 16 hours a day in prison!”  The trick, I think, is to do something bad enough to not have to, um, participate in the less savory reindeer games, shall we say, while at the same time not doing something so bad that they take away your pen and paper.  (There’s no death penalty in Australia, so…)

And as I write this, I anticipate a conversation with my Mother about why I don’t want to go to prison.  I know, Mom, I’m just kidding.  It’d be good to have that much time off to write, is all.  🙂


One response to “Do any other writers think along these lines?

  • Thoraiya

    Yeah. I’m learning about the Irish political prisoners in the early days of the colonies. They were serving a sentence only in the sense that they weren’t allowed to go back to Ireland, but otherwise..well, Joseph Holt had time to write his very exciting diary as well as accumulate land, cattle…BUT we don’t have political prisoners anymore. “I want to kill the Premier” is not enough to get you a room in the stainless steel Hilton.


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