Let’s talk about bugs.   Firstly, there’s no such thing.  Sure, there are “true bugs” which are a teeny tiny little order of insects scientists can’t find a place for, but, for the most part, there’s no such thing as bugs.  I work at a museum, too, so you;d think i should know.  A quick glance at the museum’s exhibitions, however, will show you “bugs alive”, an insect exhibition that goes over pretty well with young and old, thus proving that there’s no such thing as bugs.  Unless you want to try and explain that to anybody, in which case you call the damn thing “bugs alive” and ignore all the rest of that shit…

Can you tell I have no content and no writing news?


4 responses to “Bugs

  • Thoraiya

    I like museums. I put the Australian Museum in my Sprawl story. I imagine its bowels are full of (SO-CALLED) bugs. And I get little shivers thinking of all the bugs that must be glued on cards in the British Museum.

    Please write me a Chris Green story about the bugs coming alive.


  • christophergreen

    I believe it has some crazy undead roo on the front of it, or something… 🙂

  • christophergreen

    Crap. Wow, I am far too dumb at the moment to work out which comment I’m replying to. Multi-tasking isn’t my strong point.

    If it makes you feel any better, lots of the live exhibit stuff happen in the bowels of the museum, and there are lots and lots of insect (and other things) that have wandered from their cages…

    Don’t tempt me to write about the museum. I’ll get sued. 🙂

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