Stats for 2009 – the year that was

So, since duotrope lets me download a .csv file for Excel that tracks my subs, I thought I’d feed see how I fared in 2009.  The stats won’t be exact, since some rejections came from subs I made in 2008, and there were a couple of submissions I didn’t log with duotrope, for various reasons.  Anyway:

Overall I had 75 submissions (clearly not enough to get me my 100 rejections).  The shortest time a story spent out before I got a response was 1 day, the longest was 501, and the average was 52 days.  43% of the responses I got were form letter rejections, 39% were personal rejections (as in, the editor took the time to personally respond, not that the editor had something against me personally.  or so I tell myself).  I sold 9% of my submissions and have 9% of them still pending a response.  Of the stories I have sold, they went to an average of 3.7 markets before they sold.

So, what does this mean?  It means it’s a numbers game, of course, that you have to get a bunch of “No”s, and maybe even some “NO!”s along the way, that you should feel good about the “Sorry but it’s a no this time but here are a couple of reasons why” responses, because that’s just the deal.  It means that a “Yes!” is a lot of work, and worthy of pride and joy and maybe a little jig when you get one.  It means you should never stop sending your stuff out.

Happy New Year!

Oh yeah, there’s one of my stats I shouldn’t have looked at, both because I’m no good at bragging (or humility) and because of the psychological impact it’s had on me.  Of the stories that’ve actually been published so far (7), 4 have been nominated for an award.  Um, yeah.  57%.  The resulting performance anxiety hasn’t let me finish a story since the shortlist for the Aurealis Awards got announced…  Ug.  I’ll be writing when the New Year rings in, so we’ll see what happens.  🙂


2 responses to “Stats for 2009 – the year that was

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  • benfrancisco

    Congrats on a great year, Chris! You inspired me to do a similar review of my stats for the year, as already seems to have been captured in the comment above, through the wondrous magic of pingbacks.

    Watching your mythic quest for 100 rejections in one year has been awesome and makes me want to do more to get my work out there. Here’s to even more rejections (and more sales!) in 2010!

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