Writing Rule # 20

Understand that no idea in your head ever sounds as good when you say it out loud, at least not in the soundbite version you’re going to tell your wife, brother, friend, or whomever.  “I’m writing a story about a guy obsessed with chasing a specific whale” or “So there are these little fat dudes I call Hobbits, right?…” doesn’t do justice to the idea you’ve got in your brainspace.  Fine.  Honestly, if you can perfectly sum up your story in a single sentence and lose none of the nuance, I’d say if your story is anything longer than that exact sentence, you’re padding it out.  Just accept that the art of writing is using every word to skillfully build an image.

And I hate telling people about my ideas before I’ve written them.  They sound lame, and that lameness can sour the words when you do get around to writing it…


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