Aurealis Award Shortlist

The Aurealis Awards are the Australian specfic world’s night of nights, celebrating the fiction the preceding year has produced.  The shortlist for the awards has been announced, and I’m thrilled to see some friends on it, including fellow Clarion South 07 alum Peter M. Ball,who’s kicking ass and taking names in a very impressive way, of late.

I’m also proud (and stunned) to say that I’ve been nominated for three awards.  It looks like I’m on the Fantasy short story, the Horror short story, and the Science Fiction short story ballots.  Wow.  Three years ago I’d never submitted anything to anybody, and since then I’ve been selected as a student at Clarion South, had a story shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award in 08, and now this.  Life is good.

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of the people that read my stuff before it goes out, as well as the people who read it once it does, whether they asked for its arrival or not. 🙂 And the Judges, who fall into that last category…  I’ll be attending the awards night in January, which’ll be a cool chance to catch up with my friends in the area as well as a perfect opportunity to do my mingle-and-try-your-best-not-to-say-something-stupid impression.  We’ll see how it goes.

*EDIT*  If anyone’s interested, here are the links to the nominated stories…

Father’s Kill – Beneath Ceaseless Skies #24 (2009)
A Hundredth Name – Abyss&Apex #31 (2009)
Having Faith – Nossa Morte (2009)


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