Left 4 Dead 2 and Novel 1

The sequel to the best damn zombie game there is has gone live, today, and in honor of the momentous occasion, I’ve begun the zombie* novel that festers in my head.

*Even though it’s the “zombie novel”, in my internal narration, I’m going to break as many rules of the trope as I can.  These ain’t your grandpappies undead cannon-fodder, kiddo…  I’ve taken a good look at my “Zombies Deconstructed” post and ditched all the dead weight I could.  Ha.  Lookie there.  A pun.  Anyway, I like the start, I know where the middle needs to be, and after that I’m hoping the momentum of the story will bring me to a conclusion that satisfies me.  We shall see.  Why am I still writing all tiny, as if this has anything to do with the asterisk?

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