Three reasons my parents are awesome…

1.  I knew from a very young age that they’d support me in anything I decided to do.  Baseball, soccer, moving to Australia, writing, they’ve never blinked and continue to help me every step of the way.  That means everything.

2.  Both of them are damn good at what they do, and haven’t stopped doing it.  They’re an inspiration.  My Mom’s been a teacher for a zillion years, or so, and she still loves it.  My Dad never, never stops.  Obstacles, challenges, whatever, he just kept on pushing toward the life he knew he wanted for he and his family.

3.  They bought me this.  (sans hands…)

A Sony Reader.  It is, without question, just about the coolest thing I’ve ever had.  It’s got a battery life of 2 weeks, charges via USB, and there are tons and tons of free magazines and books out there.  I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, so far, and I’ve already been able to catch up on a lot of what’s going on in the spec fic world.  Sure, they’re expensive (well, not for me, since my parents rock…) but down here in Australia, a hardback can easily cost more than thirty dollars.  The same book’ll cost between $6 and $10 US, or thereabouts.  I love bookstores as much as anyone, and used bookstores even more, but this is a FAR more environmentally friendly, fiscally responsible, and kick ass option.  Yeah, yeah, I hear it already.  “I like the tactile feel of a book.”  I felt that way too, but once you’ve got the leather-bound cover attached to the Sony Reader, it feels like a book, weighs what a book weighs, and, best of all, when I’m reading in bed (lying down on my side) I can happily read those 1,500 page juggernauts without hearing my ligaments separate from the bones in my arm.


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