13/11/09 (11/13/09)

Wow.  It’s scary how just writing the date like that  (one way for Aussie land, one for the US) is kind of morbid.  So often it’s this big final stamp on someone’s life.


Happy Friday the 13th.


2 responses to “13/11/09 (11/13/09)

  • Parker Betz

    I was a depressing child. Every time I wrote the date on one of my papers at school, I thought about how that exact day would never happen again.

    Happy third Friday the 13th of the year!

  • christophergreen

    I know the feeling. I remember quite vividly sitting in the library of the school my Mom was teaching at, in CA. I was reading a book and the radio was on. It was June, school had just finished for the year, I had the whole of 2 1/2 months, or so, to look forward to, but when she told me that it was 6/7/89, a part of me ached, because the day was almost half over and it would never be that day again.

    Then again, I used to mentally mark “save points” in my head, times when I was so happy that I’d like to respawn there if the next couple of days or weeks went badly. 🙂

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