So… #61 and #62

For the last four months or so, Scienceworks (my place of employ) has had the Star Wars exhibition.  It’s been busy.  Way too busy for writing thoughts to properly bounce around in my head, and I’ve also had a lot of days where I came home after work and pretty much went to sleep immediately, none of which is conducive to putting words on paper.

Anyway, today is the last day of the exhibition.  If I make it, which will mean I decide not to drink the Flavor-Ade I suspect we’ll be handing around when we close the doors, I’ll do a post about the exhibition itself, and the crazy questions I got asked.  They’re awesome.  For now, I’ll leave you with the news that I got rejections 61 and 62 today, both personal, both liking the stories but feeling they weren’t quite right for them. 

I sense an avalanche of fiction in the future of a number of editors, now that I’ll have a chance to breathe…


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