Writing Rule #18

#18  What do you want from writing?  Decide.  Once you have, take the time to ponder that decision, every so often.

It’s easy, once you start “getting on a roll”, for the writing/editing/submission/rejection/(possible)redrafting/resubmitting/rejection/resubmitting process to become a fire that consumes the reason you wanted to write in the first place. 

The first thing I did when I got to Clarion was put my Jolly Roger flag up on the wall.  I wanted it to remind me why I was there, that I wanted to do new things, bold things, and that I didn’t want to necessarily do things the way they’d been done in the past.  In the couple of years since, I think (inevitably) I’ve taken my eyes off that pirate flag, a little, and stopped trying hard enough to break new ground.

No more.  That flag’s going back up on my wall at home.  Yarr!


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