Honorable Mentions and Awards

So, Lee Battersby’s pointed out that Ellen Datlow has released a list of the Honorable Mentions for the 2008 edition of the Year’s Best Horror, and she’s given an Honorable Mention to Lakeside.  It’s a really, really good feeling to have the first story I had published included on the list.  Go me!  I see some amazing company on the list…  (Rob Hood, Simon Brown, Margo Lanagan, Lee Battersby, Michael Greenhut, and Lyn Battersby, all Clarion South tutors or victims in 2007, also made the list!)


Peter M. Ball has pointed out to me that it’s about time for me to get off my ass and start nominating my stories for the upcoming Aurealis Awards.  I guess my apathy toward nominating my stuff comes from a combination of entropy and the assumption that somebody, somewhere, is supposed to see my thickly-veiled brilliance and hand me awards without me having to lift a finger.  Apparently, that ain’t gonna happen.  🙂


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