To Parker:

I was planning on touching on crit groups, and then Parker pointed out that I had, and hadn’t really provided any info.  🙂  So, here’s an answer to the question Parker asked in response to writing rule 17…

Hi Parker.  The first two online crit groups that come to mind are

Critters Writers Workshop:


The Online Writing Workshop:

I don’t have a lot of experience with the first one, although I’ve heard good things, and they’re free.  The second one, OWW, is excellent.  There’s a trial period, and then it costs $49 a year to be a part, but they’ve got a lively mailing list, a ton of helpful authors, and, for the most part, a professional attitude.  They’re also loyal, and you may find that a circle of people gravitate to your work and become your regular readers, which is nice.  I was an OWW member, and enjoyed it, although I’ve moved on to smaller, tighter-knit groups now (a lesser workload and higher quality of crits…).


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