“My Rough Cut” in the newest issue of The Edge of Propinquity

And I must say, I love love love the picture Jennifer’s selected to illustrate the piece.  It’s perfectly gorgeous and haunting all at once.  Go here and read my newest short story and see the photograph for yourself.


6 responses to ““My Rough Cut” in the newest issue of The Edge of Propinquity

  • Laura E. Goodin

    Congratulations! And yes, it is a cool photo.

  • Chuk

    I like the story but the big reveal kind of came a little out of left field. Sorry I don’t have anything more specific. I wanted to hear his buddies coming up with their theories instead of just a summary of the note, but that might fit better in a different story.

  • Rory Clark

    I’m glad you like the photo. Your story was a delight to read and photograph for. The concept for your photo popped into my head while reading the story.

    Stopped Motion Photography

  • christophergreen

    Chuk – Thanks for your comments. I wrote a scene where the comments were brainstormed, and while it was fun and interesting, I was nagged by the feeling that it was shifting the story’s focus too much. Perhaps it wasn’t. in reality, but my obsessive writer-mind convinced myself it was. 🙂

    Rory – Well done, once again. Love it, and am deeply happy that something I wrote inspired such a lovely shot. Many thanks!

  • Jason Fischer

    That’s a great picture to go with the story…I wanted a one way trip to the Dark Place and you didn’t disappoint me Mr Green 🙂 a beautiful and haunting story, love how you captured the awkwardness of new love.

  • P

    Yeah! Congratulations.

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