Writing Rule # 12

#12 Keep the momentum going.  The publishing industry has a lag, a time dilation.  If you get lazy now and stop subbing your work to editors, you’re going to have a slow period 3-6 months from now that you’re setting yourself up to slog through.  I’m in that slow period now.  It sucks.  Don’t be like me, kids.  Keep a up steady flow of output.  I don’t “write every day”, at least not the way most writing rulebooks means it, but in my head, every day, things are turning over, grinding together, wearing each other smooth and growing strong enough to make me listen to them.


2 responses to “Writing Rule # 12

  • petermball

    You forget the irony of the slow period – it’ll happen simultaneously with the release of all the stuff you sold during the fast period, which makes you feel twice as bad.

  • christophergreen

    Too true. I wallow in such a period now.

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