Writing Rule #8

#8  Writing requires sacrifice.  It does.  Just like with anything else, if you really want to make something that’s from the very center of you and press it upon the world, then it’s going to be on your mind.  A lot.  Which means that writing (or painting, or sculpting, or dancing, or, hell, even being an awesome accountant, for all I know) isn’t just something you’re making sacrifices for.  The people around you are making them too.  Never forget that.  Never forget that your husband or wife, your daughter or son, your mother or father, your co-workers and friends and perhaps even your fellow writing-cult members are allowing you to make these sacrifices.  And it isn’t easy.  They do it because they love you, they believe in you, and they’re aware enough to know that the Chris that’s in front of them is, sometimes, wondering how much a kidney goes for on the open market, or trying to work out how to convincingly explain away that annoying time dilation real life b.s. in the space opera he’d love to write.

And cut the people that love you some slack.  They’ve been cutting it for you for a long, long time, most likely.


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