Writing Rule # 1

I thought I’d try my hand at bossing people around…

Rule # 1.  Do not, under any circumstances, listen to someone else’s writing rules.  It’s your life, and you are perfectly entitled to write your story any damn way you please.  Your reader, of course, is also entitled to line the inside of their bird’s cage with your drivel.  If you break a rule and it works, excellent.  if it doesn’t, then you can always accept the “rule” and break it later.  Be aware, though, that the good “rules” are there for a reason.  But they’ll keep you safe, and safe = boring.  Boring = covered in bord poop…


4 responses to “Writing Rule # 1

  • uninvoked

    Which is another way of saying that either way you’re covered in bird poop. Seriously though, a great example of this is dialogue tags. I get roasted for my dialog tags in every critique circle I go to. Dialog tags aren’t done.

    Unless you look at the Best Seller list…or pretty much any other published work…and also in many of mine. Dialog tags work just fine for me. Occasionally I do throw in awful one in that should be taken out, but for the most part my dialog is very good.

  • christophergreen

    Agreed. We’re all festooned in bird poop for a lot of our writing career. 🙂

    Personally, I try and kill as many unneeded words as possible. If the dialogue’s flowing and it’s clear who is saying what, I sprinkle them in. If it’s a three-way conversation, though, I am MUCH more liberal with them.

    If your dialogue is very good, there’s no reason not to keep doing what you’re doing.

    I will be the very first person to admit, though, that almost all writing on the Best Seller list is absolute tripe, in terms of the craft. Those authors, though, bribed, tricked, or sweated their way to the “top”. I always wonder if their earlier, more obscure stuff was a bit more daring with the “rules”…

  • uninvoked

    I’ve almost always been disappointed with the best seller list, but keep in mind it IS “Best Selling Author” not “Best Writing Author”.

    I’m hoping my fabulous writing skills will help me strike out on my own, rather than depend on an industry that can be bribed and tricked. -.-

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