One of the things that bothers me most is “origin stories”.  With Hollywood mentally invested in rebooting everything under the sun, it means that we get a lot of origin stories, and, with Batman’s successful attempts, it means everything is going darker and grittier.  Which I like.  Hell, I love. 

However, part of the coolness of a lot of these characters (Wolverine, I’m looking at you) was their shady past.  Sure, they kicked ass, but they went right on through their story arc kicking ass.  James Bond falling for a woman?  “When I’m with you I am without my armor.  And my pants get tight.”  Come on.  I don’t want to know where every character came from. Or, more to the point, if the writing is awesome and the dialogue is dead-on, I will feel like I do know where they came from, without you having to make a whole damn movie to show me how cool it was when they were lame before they became bad ass…

Anyway, here are some remakes and origin stories to look forward to/dread.  Did we really need a Bill and Ted reboot?


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