On the Counting of Crows

Counting Crows.  Love ’em.  Saw both their shows when they were in Melbourne, a month or two ago.  They’re a band that hasn’t sacrificed what they want to do for where they want to go, and you very much get the feeling that they’ve come to love where they ARE, as opposed to the mythical “where they want to be”.

I need to learn a similar bliss awareness, and my lack of patience isn’t helping.  Last October, when I sold a story to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, I was thrilled.  I’m still thrilled, but now I’m thrilled AND ready for the story to be posted on the website so people can read it.  It’s like having the keys to a place you want to share with your friends and having to wait for the joint to get built before they come over and hang out with you.  The Crows have a lyric that goes “I keep thinking tomorrow is coming today, and I am endlessly waiting.”  That lines spins through my head around a thousand times a day…

Anyway, they’re playing in the background about 1/2 the time when I’m writing.  The other 1/2 of the time it’s Rob/White Zombie.  So blame them.


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