One right after the other

So, two rejections waiting for me in my inbox yesterday morning, and two today.  It’s almost like Christmas.  When I get to 100, I think I’m going to have to dedicate achieving my goal to the fine folks at Fantasy Magazine and Shimmer, who are some pretty together people.  Their verdicts are always speedy and clear.

Anyway, that’s #26, #27, #28, and #29 down.  Sounds like Jasoni’s got 34 rejections, so he’s beating me as usual.


One response to “One right after the other

  • Laura E. Goodin

    A quick perusal of my sendouts log suggests that I only have 14 rejections for the year. But I have about 16 pieces still out, and I’m picking up the pace of sending. I won’t make 100, but considering sendouts as a whole, not just the quest for rejections, I’m still in it to win it!

    — Laura

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